How to Add a Facebook Page Menu


In the first step of the page creation process choose the “Main Menu Tabs.” option located in the modules sections.

You can select between adding pre-existing Faceitpages you have created,

Or by adding in URL links to link your menu to pages online such as your website.

Add a clear and short title to the tab once you have added the link you want.

Click the “Add Menu Tab” button to add the menu link as a tab.

Continue adding menu links until you feel you have added enough tabs. The saved tabs should appear under the Saved Tabs list with the Menu Names you have selected for them.

After adding all the tabs and any other modules and photos you would like added to your page, select the “Next Step” button.

This will take you to a “Choose Template” screen where you can selectt a template that best amplifies your menu and page.

After selecting a template look over your menu to see if the template is what you wanted. Click on the tabs to make sure they work with the links you had previously added.

If the tabs work and the template is pleasing, select the “Save and Publish” icon to save your work and publish to Facebook.

After saving you may upload your page with menu onto Facebook by hitting the “Install on Facebook” icon.

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