How To Add Music To Facebook Page

Myspace has been the leader with bands and musicians due to the flexibility of adding your music to your band page. What many bands and musicians don’t realize is you can easily add music to Facebook pages with a few simple steps. Facebook obtains significantly more traffic so it is a great place for musicians to be and interact with their fan base. For those of you who want a quick and easy way of adding music to your Facebook page, check out the  FaceitPages app that allows you to easily add music to your Facebook Band Page.  For those do-it-yourselfers, proceed to the following short tutorial on how bands can add music on Facebook pages.

How To Add Music On Facebook Page Tutorial

1. First Install The FBML Application

You will need to search “FBML” in applications and add this app to your page. After you add the application to your page go back into your page and click the edit link located in the left panel of your page.  In the edit screen navigate to the apps option and click “go to app” for the FBML app you installed.  This will pop up a window that you can add code to.

2. Add FBML code for music clips.

In the FBML box you simply need to add the following code for each music clip you would like to add.

<fb:mp3 src=”″ title=”This is the name of my song” artist=”Artist Name” album=”Name of album”/>

Replace the src= in between the quotes with the url location where your music mp3 file is located.  Replace the title= in between the quotes with the title of the song. Replace the album= in between the quotes with the name of the album. The title and the artist will appear with the music clip if you add this data.

Now save the window and name the tab

Note: Only .mp3 files will work

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