What Does Facebook Talking About This Mean?

You have most likely noticed the “talking about this” count located at the left panel of your Facebook business page under the about section. There is a lot of confusion on what exactly this count pulls from.
facebook talking about this

The Facebook talking about this count includes engagement from users posting to your wall, users “liking” something on your page, users sharing a post you make to your wall, users answering questions, users who mention your page on their wall, users who “like” or share a deal, users checking into your place and users commenting on your wall posts, pictures, etc.

Phew! Did you get all of that? Yeah we think that explanation is kind of confusing too.

To simplify this explanation think about the Facebook talking about this as the number of unique users that have engaged or interacted with your page in the past week in some form or another. The higher this number the better because that means people are engaging with your content, wall posts, pictures, etc. If your “talking about this” count is low, that is an indication that your fans are not very engaged with your page or content and you may want to consider trying some different things to get your fans to engage more.

What are you doing to get fans “talking about” your page?

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