How To Add Coupons To Your Facebook Page

1.) First if you haven’t already done so, Click Here To Register With FaceItPages.

2.) After you register or login, you can start setting up your promo or coupon by choosing the “Create New Page Tab” option from your FaceItPages members area.

create a promo or coupon on Facebook

You will first be taken to a screen that allows you to name your page and setup a fan gate. Setting up a fan gate will allow you to encourage new visitors to “like” your page before they can access your promo or coupon. You can skip this step if you do not want the fan gate option.

name your facebook coupon page

Next you will be taken to a template layout selection screen. Choose the “Promo” layout for the best format for displaying promos and coupons.

choose a facebook contest template

Upon choosing the promo layout, you will be presented with different colors and styles to choose from. After you choose your desired style, you will be taken to the editor screen. On the editor screen click the “Click To Setup Promo” block which will open the promo/coupon setup screen.

In this screen you will be able to setup a promo title, the description of the promo, a promo image and can choose whether you would like to setup a single item promo or a percentage off promo.

add coupon to facebook page

When choosing the percent off option, it will display a field that will allow you to input the percent off you would like to offer. When choosing the single item option, it will give you fields for original value and discount price and our system will automatically calculate the discount percent based off these values. You can also input a buy url and buy button name if you would like to link your promo to an external buy or redeem page on your own website.

Adding an image

One of the most valuable features to our promo app is the ability to specify a promo code and require your Facebook page visitors to fill out a form to receive the promo. Add the promo code using the promo code field and choose “yes” under the promo code if you would like to require visitors to input their email in order to receive the promo. Choosing yes here will add a redeem promo form to your promo. You will also be able to specify the confirmation message the visitor’s sees after they submit their email address to redeem the promo.

add promo code to facebook page

After you have filled out all the fields and options you would like to use, click the “Update Promo” button. This will display a preview of what the promo will look like on your page. You can edit it from here if needed. Don’t forget you can add other applications and content to your coupon page too such as a header banner, slideshow, video, Twitter feed and more. When you are done adding your coupon and other content,  click the “Next Step” button to be taken to a live preview of what your full page will look like.

facebook page coupon preview

If you are happy with the preview, click the “Publish Page” button located at the bottom of the preview page. Or you can also click the “Previous Step” button if you would like to go back and make changes.

previous publish buttons

This will take you to a confirmation screen with a large “Install to Facebook” button. Click this button to install the promo onto your Facebook page.

install page to facebook

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