How To Add Website To a Facebook Page

One of the top requests we get from our members is the need to easily add a website into a Facebook page. With our embed website to Facebook app you can now easily add a web page to your Facebook page.

Following is a short tutorial on How To Add a Website To a Facebook Page

1. After you login to FaceItPages choose the “Create a New Page Tab” option from the members main menu. Or you can choose the “Manage Saved Pages” option if you would like to edit a page you already have saved with us.
choose create new facebook page

2. You will be taken to a screen that prompts you to name your page and asks if you would like to setup a fan gate. Name the page and proceed to the next step
name you page

3. You will now see a layout selection screen. Choose one of the layouts that have a wide section because embedded web pages look best when displayed in a full width section.
choose facebook page layout

4. After selecting a template you will be taken into the template editor screen. Simply click on one of the full width module sections in the template editor screen which will open the app selection screen. Choose the embed web page app from the app selection screen.
choose embed web page app

5. Add the url of the web page you want to add, set the height and click add which will automatically apply the web page to the template editor screen with a live preview. You can edit it to adjust the height or url. Keep in mind that Facebook has a width limit so we suggest using web pages that are no wider than 800 pixels to avoid scrollbars showing up on your page.
add website to facebook page

4. After you setup the template with your website and any other apps, text or images you want to add, click the next step button to be taken to a preview. If you are happy with the look, proceed to the next step by clicking the “Save and Publish” option which will take you to a confirmation screen with an “Install to Facebook” button.

install page to facebook

After your FaceItPage is installed to Facebook it will show up as a tab with the web page you added embedded directly into your Facebook page like the example below.
embed website into facebook page

Using the embed website to Facebook module is great for showcasing web pages directly from your site such as contact forms, products from your website or any other valuable page you would like to showcase to your fans.

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