How To Add Pinterest On a Facebook Page

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest by now you should be aware that it is all the rave these days. FaceitPages offers a Pinterest Facebook Application that makes it easy to get your pins into your Facebook business page. Follow these simple steps to add Pinterest to your Facebook page.

First login to your FaceItPages account or sign up for an account here if you haven’t already done so. After you login or sign up choose the “Create a New Page Tab” option from your members dashboard.

add pinterest on Facebook page

This will take you to the first step where it asks you to name your tab and asks if you would like to setup a fan gate. For this demo we will not be setting up a fan gate so click the “No” button on this screen.

install Pinterest to Facebook step 1

You will now be taken to a layout and template selection screen, which will allow you to choose a layout and template style you would like your Pinterest pins to display in. If you would like Pinterest to be the prominent piece in your page, we suggest choosing a layout with a wide section. Keep in mind you can add other modules to the layout in addition to Pinterest.

choose facebook page layout

After choosing your desired layout, you will be taken into the template editor screen. Click on the module section where you want Pinterest to display. This will open up a module selection window like seen below. Choose the Pinterest app from this window.

add pinterest to Facebook

After choosing the Pinterest app, you will be taken into a simple Pinterest setup screen. Simply input your Pinterest username and the height that you would like for your page and click the “Add” button.


After clicking the add button, your Pinterest pins will automatically be placed into the template editor screen giving your a live preview. You can choose to edit from here, setup other modules or simply click the “Next Step” button at the bottom of the screen if you are satisfied. After clicking the next step button you will be presented with a preview of what your page will look like when installed to Facebook.

pinterest on facebook

You can go back to the previous step to make any needed changes or choose the “Publish to Facebook” button if satisfied.

From the confirmation screen click the large “Install to Facebook” button and follow through the Facebook install process to install the Pinterest tab to your Facebook business page.

install page to facebook

That’s all there is to it! Get started now and have your Pinterest profile installed to your Facebook page in minutes.

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