Is Quantity or Quality of Facebook Page Fans More Important?

facebook page fansWe posted the following question to our Facebook wall for our fans to answer.

“What do you think is more important? Quantity of fans or quality of fans? Explain why in a comment.”

We loved the responses we received. We must admit, we have some pretty smart fans following us on Facebook. Following are some of the responses our fans posted.

Candy Havlock Quality – You want the most powerful fan base you can get. You could have a million fans and they are just that fans but quality fans exchange ideas, help you with problems and sometimes will power think with you.

JoAnn Lackey Definitely Quality of positive fans. You want to surround yourself with positive people. Who help people to get it, and give back to the world.It just might be a word of encourgement or a like to there post to bring a smile to someones face.
Kelli Schaefer Meyers Both! Quality will give you the results you want but quantity helps with your online credibility!
Sailfish Kingfisher If the choice was only one or the other then, given Facebook’s ecosystem where more equals getting one’s message out to more unaware people, I’d opt of quantity. Of course, this only holds true if the fan page owner continues to keep their content updated and leverages it as another topical announcement vehicle. If the fan page is simply a static presence, then quality would be better.
Bryan Conn It also depends on the business model. A local brick and mortar shop, like a car dealership, needs quality fans, which represent local fans who appreciate their sales and services over other competitors. If you’re a news site in some generic sense, then quality is probably less central, as most people are likely to consume some news in small bites (status updates), and engagement is probably a lesser part of the story. But in the end, who wouldn’t want to have both?!
Robinson Linda I vote for the quality of fans.
Candy’s response is right on track especially for brands that have a goal to engage. Quality of fans will also help your Facebook EdgeRank. The more fans you have that engage with you on your wall, the better your EdgeRank will be. Engaging can be a “like”, a comment, a share, a vote or an invite.

Why is your Facebook EdgeRank important? If you have a high EdgeRank, the better chance your status updates will show up in the Facebook news feed. This is important especially if you want your existing fans to see your content and come back to your wall. The more often your status updates and content get in front of your fans, the better chance you will have in converting those fans into customers.

Kelli also has an outstanding point with quantity helping your online creditability. Whether we like it or not, people look at numbers and make judgment based on that. If your Facebook fan page has little “likes”, people may pass judgment on how creditable your company or product is.

Now if you can obtain both quantity and quality that is golden. Just remember that quantity in itself won’t get your status updates and content seen if none of those fans are engaging with you. If your main goal is branding rather than engagement and future conversion, maybe quantity is what really matters to you. If you goal is to engage, get your content seen and convert more fans, than you need to pay attention to quality and not just quantity. Otherwise, you will have a ton of fans that look like the ones in the above picture. Fans that are not interested or never engage will affect your EdgeRank and chances of your content being seen in the news feed.

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